Advanced Algorithms That Win

Get Access To A Proven, Systematic, NHL Betting System That Noone Else Has

Performance To Date

Our system is trained on a decade of play by play hockey data.

It has been backtested over five years, and finally went live for the start of the 2019-2020 season.

By reinvesting profits, we were able to return over 1000% on a shortened NHL season.

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How We Do It

  1. We analyzed over 3 million plays, spanning 10 seasons.

  2. We used our machine-learning expertise to build world-class models.

  3. We optimized those models using our own proprietary software.

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Why Invest In A Sports Betting Model


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Building our simulations took tens of thousands of hours of expert development.

Our system has outperformed any traditional asset class by 10-fold, returning over 1000% in it's first season of trading.



Because we are systematically profiting on hockey rather than the stock market, we are a non-correlated asset.

Stocks, real-estate, bonds, recessions - none of these assets effect our outcomes.

No Systematic Risk


In sports, someone has to win every game.

As long as our algorithms are properly built and tested, and as long as people still play hockey, we will continue to profit.

Trade With Confidence

We have a systematicly provable edge on bookmakers.

We are constantly improving our approach and our models.

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